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Professional Office Space Planning

Streamline your interior design project when you hire CATHERINE M. LOWE, ASID INTERIOR PLANNING & DESIGN in Annapolis, Maryland, for office programming and space planning services. This personalized service, will help you and your company discover the best processes, work flow solutions and space size allocations needed to get the most of your workspace to help enhance your work environment.


Communication Is Key

Communication is vital during this process. In order to achieve the best possible results, let us know what is needed to implement your requests. You can trust us to listen to and address all of your concerns regarding your office space.

The Programming Phase
After interviewing your needs and objectives, discover the options available through our space analysis process to help your office be more organized and work more efficiently. The programming phase reviews your overall organization processes, department and employee adjacencies, plus workstation sizes desired. Based on the information provided, prototypical spaces are drawn, square foot sizes are tabulated, and new adjacencies may be configured, to determine your space requirements. Best compatible office furniture and equipment options for your needs are reviewed with you. Together this process will help create an organized environment to enhance opportunities for you to grow your business with contented employees.

Space Planning

After establishing exactly what you're looking for, we develop your space plan. Based on the program determined, the best overall space layout is created for you with improved circulation and adjacency flow for better communication.

Most Commercial Offices are a team effort, we will work with your Architect, Engineers and/or Contractor to implement the Space Layout and Design Concept conceived for you and your company. 

Contact us today and put our years of design experience working with award-winning companies to enhance your home or business space.