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Material & Furnishings

Comprehensive Material & Home Furnishings Selections and Design Documentation for Construction

Together, we will discuss a wide array of options available to create a plan of action to design a concept that revitalizes your home with beautiful materials and furniture through selection services from CATHERINE M. LOWE, ASID INTERIOR PLANNING & DESIGN in Annapolis, Maryland.

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Design Concept and Documentation

Trust us to listen to you to create your interior concept vision. Based on the design concept conceived, documentation of the interior design concept is drawn to provide the information needed to build the design. A floor plan illustrating the desired layout, with interior 2d elevations of your specific project communicates to the team how you want everything in your home built; from where the walls are, to the electrical plan, to the cabinet design drawings, to the product and material selections. All are specified and scheduled for implementation. We work on the inside of your spaces in collaborative communication as a member of your team.

Materials Selection Service

Let's create a lasting look all your own when we extend our knowledge and expertise to help you select paint, tile patterns, marble slabs, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. This service extends to; not only bathroom and kitchen design, but to every room in your home to help find the perfect solutions to convey the design concept.

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Furniture and Home Furnishings Selection Services

To make this process even easier, have us acquire the furniture, fabric, and accessories for you. Whether it is finding that special item together at an antique store or buying designer line furniture through us, the best possible results to complete the design concept objects can be ensured.